What’s Beyond Our Comfort Zone? Maybe A Welcome Surprise

Comfort zones for most people extend well beyond billowy soft cotton tees or bed linens. Well beyond our physical body. And well beyond the walls we call home. As I ventured out for my first visit to a new hair salon – which demands that comfort is key – I got more and more prickly as I drove the six short miles. The scenery drastically changed, so did, well, everything.

But let’s back up. I love the city and proclaim to be an urban girl. I am, within limits. But I stepped outside my comfort zone when I got out of the car at this center city salon. It’s Aveda – a well known, upscale, organic, chi chi international chain that is fairly overpriced yet interestingly desirable.aveda

I started going to an Aveda salon by mistake, when I lived in the ‘burbs about 50 miles from our new digs. Back in the day, Aveda was just coming on the scene and everybody wanted its botanically-based products, especially those of us with an aversion to chemicals. While I welcomed that, when my longtime stylist said she was switching to Aveda I was naturally a bit hesitant. I’m a creature of habit and worry about change. But I trusted her, and after the first round I was hooked. It smelled better, looked better, even felt better. So I sucked up the cost every few weeks to ensure I didn’t sport any gray.  (And a quick side note – I feel very fortunate, this is a first-world situation I know.)you smell like aveda

Through the years and several moves I frequented the local Aveda salons nearest me, and grew accustomed to the the familiarity. My color formula transferred easily from place to place, I never really missed a beat. I was comfortable.

But now, out of the burbs – I’m actually embarrassed and ashamed to say – I had a little hesitancy as I drove through some unfamiliar-looking territory. I don’t pay much attention to lifestyle but sometimes it catches my eye. We live in such a different world now, pretty much nowhere is technically “safe.”

Whatever it is that knocks us out of our comfort zone – and it can be anything really – we notice. Our senses heighten, our posture straightens, our mind and heart may start racing, it’s really only natural, and admittedly happens to everyone.

perfet hairI drove around the block in circles at least four times looking for a parking space outside this new salon. I parked the car with hesitancy, went inside, and decided at that moment this place was not for me. Sure it was Aveda, but it didn’t feel the same. I couldn’t leave though, I would be charged for missing an appointment.

And here’s the crazy part. As the experience unfolded, much to my surprise, it was simply wonderful. The stylist and I were totally compatible and chatted as if we had known each other for years. The crew was just my speed, the expertise beyond compare. I felt completely at home in that Aveda salon. That’s a pretty big endorsement coming from a new but seasoned color client.

Life has a learning curve, and for some it may take years. When it comes to comfort we need to learn to stretch, because it may reveal something we never knew was there. Growth is pretty amazing. And good hair color definitely is too.

comfort zone is a beautiful place

Did My Dream Prevent A Fire?

moon bath


Do dreams really come true? Because if they do my hair salon could burn down. When I first woke up I wondered if I still had an appointment that day, it seemed that real. It rattled me, and well beyond not covering the ever-growing gray roots.

It’s a sweet old house on Main Street nestled in between other antiques. If it actually did catch on fire it might jeopardize a whole line of businesses, most with apartments upstairs. This is a fairly significant concern which made the dream feel worse. Nobody was hurt in the dream, but the place burned to the ground.

So when my stylist texted me just before I left for my appointment to tell me she was running late, my heart for a second skipped a beat. But whew, everything was fine.

The salon is owned by three thirty-something girls, who invested their lives in their work. They have quite a client-base, even local celebs. When I walked in the door my stylist asked me if I could smell something odd – it wasn’t hair color or products, it was unfamiliar to her. I did smell something unusual, but I just let it go.

We were talking as she worked on my hair but she kept going back to “that smell.” I paused for a minute before I mentioned last night I had a very odd dream. She insisted I give her the details even though they weren’t too good.

As I described that I had dreamed about some kind of fire, the smoke detector beeped. Then a song came on the radio she hadn’t heard since someone close to her had died. She paused for thought and said come to think of it, she had several “interesting signs” that were tapping at her gut.

At that moment she stopped what she was doing and looked at me in the mirror. “What if you just saved us from a major disaster? I’m calling the fire department now.” IMG_0016

We were both covered in goosebumps, you know those creepy chills. There must be something to that – chills are often a sign from the Divine. Intuition and premonition both seemed to be at work.

As I sat with the color and foils in my hair I looked around the salon. No one  heard our conversation, they were all in their own little worlds. Children played on the floor, women read magazines or were on their phones, there was hair cutting and drying going on, it was business as usual.

I tried to do the same, because a dream is a dream when our eyes are closed and now it was the brightness of day. But the unusual smell, the conversation and signs all lingered in the air.

I’m not sure what happened after I left, quite happy with my hair. But I decided to research whether or not dreams can be true premonitions. I loved what I learned, it’s pretty cool. See what you make of this:

We have the power to change in the now. What we are experiencing is always now, so when we have a premonition of the future, the action we take now may actually have an effect on the future now.

I think that makes us super heroes, so as they say, dream on.